Patent Number: 6,295,044

Title: Electro-optic displays

Abstract: An electro optic display provides an electrode configuration adjacent eachpixel which allows a non-uniform electrical field to be applied across thepixel so that the optical output varies in the direction transverse to thepixel thickness. This allows only part of the pixel to be turned ON, orfor shading within the pixel, depending on the characteristics of theelectro-optic material. In a preferred embodiment the row and columnelectrodes are each made up of a group of conductive tracks connected intogroups by impedance elements. Voltage ramps are applied across theelectrodes via input electrodes. A multiphase drive scheme is describedfor ferro-electric and similar materials in which a number of differentvoltage ramps are applied to a row in succession, and at each phase theappropriate ramps are applied simultaneously to the column electrodes tobuild up the required pixel shape over a number of phases.

Inventors: Geisow; Adrian Derek (Portishead, GB), Rudin; John Christopher (Bristol, GB)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013