Patent Number: 6,295,057

Title: Internet content and television programming selectively displaying system

Abstract: An internet on-demand system for television presents internet content andtraditional television programming as part of a single coherent interface.The system can display an internet gateway interface which activelyscrolls through and highlights links to selected web pages which areorganized according to templates corresponding to their content. The linksare highlighted in a dynamic revolving sequence with associated graphicsand sounds. The system includes a server and a client capable of providinga dynamic graphical user interface. The web pages are presented on thegraphical user interface as channels as part of the same milieu aschannels of traditional television programming. The user can select achannel from a rotary menu wheel. An intelligent agent passively filtersselected web pages for a user to explore based on the user's past patternof usage of the client. The server queries the client regarding itsavailable data stream connections, including telephone modems, cablemodems, and digital satellite broadcasting, in order to determine the mostefficient delivery of different types of data through all of the availablebandwidth connections. The efficient delivery of data allows the client topresent text, graphics, video, audio and other multimedia information froma web page over the internet as a coordinated presentation.

Inventors: Rosin; Robert (Franklin Lakes, NJ), Hsu; P. Robert (San Jose, CA), Sonoda; Yumie (Los Altos, CA), Niijima; Makoto (Saitama, JP), Nakano; Hiroaki (San Francisco, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013