Patent Number: 6,295,062

Title: Icon display apparatus and method used therein

Abstract: An icon display apparatus reduces data to icons and displays those icons.The data corresponds to items classified into a plurality of groups and toapparatus for processing the data. A storage stores the data; a graphicgenerator produces a graphic data for visualizing those data as icons eachrepresenting an object in a multi-dimensional space; and a displaydisplays those icons arranged in respective groups corresponding toattributes of data in the multi-dimensional space.

Inventors: Tada; Chikako (Moriguchi, JP), Tochishita; Masaru (Osaka, JP), Yamada; Kunio (Kobe, JP), Abe; Tetsuji (Neyagawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013