Patent Number: 6,295,072

Title: Method and apparatus for rendering cubic curves

Abstract: A method and apparatus used to render cubic curves is disclosed. A cubicBezier curve is rapidly decomposed into small segments piecewise by usingtwo independent operation units in parallel for processing four controlpoints of the cubic Beizer curve with the assistance of an arbitrator todisplay the cubic curve on a monitor or output to a printer. A set ofcontrol data of the cubic Beizer curve is obtained from an input deviceand serves as the original input data for a vertical division operationunit and a horizontal extension operation unit that generate four sets ofcontrol points in parallel. The arbitrator makes two decisions from thefour sets of control points. First, if there are sets of control pointsmeeting the condition of rendering the curve, those sets are transferredto a segment generator to generate points for rendering the curve. Second,it determines which set of control points is the next feedback input datafor the parallel horizontal extension operation. Finally, the arbitratoralso controls the termination of the rendering process. The method andapparatus are suitable for parallel processing in accordance with thegeometrical property of the Bezier curve wit high rate and efficiency ofrendering curves.

Inventors: Pon; Hon-Wen (Taipei, TW), Wu; Hsiao-Ching (Taipei, TW)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013