Patent Number: 6,295,073

Title: Figure filling apparatus

Abstract: A vertex processing unit is provided for labeling each selected vertex dotas a vertical or horizontal attribute dot based on the direction of a sidevector terminating at the vertex dot selected and that of a side vectororiginating from the vertex dot selected. A contour line segmentprocessing unit is also provided for labeling each edge dot selected froma side as a vertical attribute dot if the y coordinate of the edge dotselected is different from that of a previous edge dot and that of avertex dot located at the terminal point of the side, or otherwise, as ahorizontal attribute dot. Contour color data are defined for the dotslabeled as vertical or horizontal attribute dots. And inner color data aredefined for the dots existing between an odd-numbered vertical attributedot and an even-numbered vertical attribute dot, which is next to theformer dot, on a selected scan line parallel to the axis of x coordinates,except for horizontal attribute dots.

Inventors: Shigenaga; Satoshi (Nara, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013