Patent Number: 6,295,089

Title: Unsampled hd MPEG video and half-pel motion compensation

Abstract: A high definition digital video presentation system is provided with aninterpolator which upsamples standard resolution MPEG pictures to higherresolution, preferably to double the number of pixels in both the verticaland horizontal dimensions. The upsampling is performed after the decodingand transformation of the incoming picture and prior to the buffering ofthe picture data or the performance of motion compensation by which pixeldata are copied from previously received pictures. In the preferredembodiment, frame pictures are decoded, upsampled and stored in full framepicture buffers, preferably, in two buffers, one to be copied into eachfield of subsequent pictures in the performance of motion compensation.Interpolation may be by frame, where intervening lines of pixels areinterpolated from the pixels of adjacent odd and even lines, and by field,where an intervening odd (or even) line of pixels is interpolated from thepixels of each pair of adjacent even (or odd) lines. With frameinterpolation, both buffers are stored with a frame interpolated upsampledpicture, while with field interpolation, one buffer is stored with apicture interpolated only from even lines and one is stored with a pictureinterpolated only from odd lines. The decision to interpolate by frame orby field is made macroblock-by-macroblock by the processor based on ananalysis of received data to provide the method that most accuratelyinterpolates the intervening pixels. With the upsampled pictures stored inthe buffers, no further half-pel interpolation is required for half-pelmotion compensation of new pixels, which is carried out by directlycopying original or previously interpolated pixels. Preferably pixels atoriginal pixel positions are, however, interpolated from only originalpixel data according to MPEG techniques.

Inventors: Hoang; Dzung (San Jose, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013