Patent Number: 6,295,090

Title: Apparatus for providing video resolution compensation when converting onevideo source to another video source

Abstract: An apparatus and system for providing video processing is disclosed. Withinthe system and the apparatus there is an analog video signal input means,which is connected to a video signal output means, which are both coupledto a video resolution compensation means. The analog video signal inputmeans provides decoding of a first signal type received by the inputmeans. The first signal type operates at a first refresh rate. The videosignal output means receives the decoded first signal type and convertsthe decoded first signal type into a second signal type, which has asecond refresh rate. This second signal type typically is compatible forviewing on a display incompatible with the first signal type. Then, thevideo resolution compensation means modifies the second refresh rateassociated with the decoded second signal type so as to be compatible withthe first refresh rate and displayable on the video monitor.

Inventors: Voltz; Christopher (Houston, TX), Barker; John C. (Houston, TX)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013