Patent Number: 6,295,095

Title: Video signal character converting device and method of the same

Abstract: In a video signal character converting device, a sampling window signalgenerator generates a signal for sampling an input video signal "a". Avideo scene amplitude discrimination circuit samples the video signal inresponse to the sampling signal, detects a change in image level eitherfield by field or frame by frame based on an integrated value for everyduration of vertical scanning, and outputs a resetting pulse when thechange in picture level exceeds a predetermined level. A video sceneperiodicity discrimination circuit measures a time interval between twosuccessive resetting pulses, and outputs a control signal if the timeinterval is shorter than a predetermined period. A video scene conversioncircuit converts a video scene in response to the control signal. Thevideo signal character detecting device of the present inventiondetermines as to whether or not the input video signal has video imagesthat present an adverse effect mentally and physically to viewers, byobserving an image level and periodicity of the video signal in thismanner. The device is thus able to output video images by converting theminto a harmless level with a process of reducing contrast or blanking, ifit determines the video images harmful.

Inventors: Kawabata; Minoru (Osaka, JP), Kageyama; Atsuhisa (Osaka, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013