Patent Number: 6,295,098

Title: Illumination intensity correcting circuit

Abstract: An illumination intensity correcting circuit including a curve fittingcircuit formed by differential amplifier circuits and a load resistor,wherein the amplification factor of the curve fitting circuit is changedbefore and after each breakpoint voltage, the reference voltages of thedifferential amplifier circuits are set so that at least two breakpointvoltages are arranged in the range of a voltage of a video signal, and theamplification factors of the differential amplifier circuits are set sothat the amplification factor of the curve fitting circuit in the range ofthe signal voltage inside of the two breakpoint voltages is smaller thanthe amplification factor outside of the two breakpoint voltages.

Inventors: Motonakano; Hitoshi (Kagoshima, JP), Mitarai; Shozo (Kagoshima, JP), Arimizu; Akira (Kagoshima, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013