Patent Number: 6,295,108

Title: Liquid crystal display device

Abstract: An STN liquid crystal element, formed to sandwich a nematic liquid crystal6 twist-aligned at an angle ranging from 180 degrees to 270 degreesbetween a first substrate 1 having a first electrode and a secondsubstrate 2 having a second electrode, is disclosed. A polarizing film isdisposed outside the second substrate of the STN liquid crystal elementthrough a retardation film or a twisted retardation film, a cholestericliquid crystal polymer sheet is disposed outside the first substratethrough a quarter-wave film, and a light absorbing film is disposedoutside the cholesteric liquid crystal polymer sheet, to thereby form aliquid crystal display device which enables metallic color display.

Inventors: Kaneko; Yasushi (Tokorozawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013