Patent Number: 6,295,114

Title: Image recording apparatus and heat development recording apparatus

Abstract: Disclosed is an image recording apparatus for forming an image on a heatdevelopment photosensitive material or a light- and heat-sensitiverecording material through a dry processing, said image recordingapparatus being capable of continuously recording high-quality images overa long period of time by providing a heat development part with a cleaningmechanism therefor and including a storage part in which the recordingmaterial is stored; a latent-image forming mechanism which forms a desiredlatent image on the recording material conveyed from the storage part; aheat development mechanism which develops the recording material andincludes a heating member for heating at a given temperature the recordingmaterial conveyed from the latent-image forming mechanism and a presscontact member for pressing the recording material against the heatingmember; and a cleaning mechanism which cleans that contact surface of atleast one of the heating member and the press contact member which comesinto contact with the recording material. A heat development apparatus inwhich dust particles adherent to the heating drum are removed and theformation of dot image defects is thus prevented to thereby give ahigh-quality image is also disclosed.

Inventors: Agano; Toshitaka (Kanagawa, JP), Torisawa; Nobuyuki (Kanagawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013