Patent Number: 6,295,158

Title: Thermooptical modulator

Abstract: The thermooptic modulator includes a wave guide (1) having a switchingsection (4), a refracting section (5) bordering the switching section (4)and extending transversely to a signal propagation direction (14) in thewave guide and a first heating element (8) extending on the refractingsection (5) along a boundary (6) between the wave guide (1) and therefracting section (5). In order to improve signal suppression when themodulator is switched to an impermable state, a second heating element (9)is provided extending on the wave guide (1) along the boundary (6).

Inventors: Mueller-Fiedler; Roland (Leonberg, DE), Bernhard; Winfried (Gerlingen, DE)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013