Patent Number: 6,295,159

Title: Method for bulk periodic poling of congruent grown ferro-electric nonlinearoptical crystals by low electric field

Abstract: A new method is proposed and demonstrated effectively in reducing thecoercive field and internal field in association with bulk periodicalpoling of the congruent grown ferro-electric nonlinear optical crystal. Byadequate doping with zinc oxide, the coercive field required for domain reversal and the internal field associated with thenon-stoichiometric point defects in undoped congruent grown ferro-electricnonlinear optical crystals can be reduced by an order of magnitude.

Inventors: Lung-Han; Peng (Taipei, TW), Yi-Chin; Lin (Taipei, TW), Yi-Chen; Fang (Taipei, TW)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013