Patent Number: 6,295,203

Title: Heat sink clip assembly

Abstract: A clip assembly (40) for mounting a heat sink (30) to an electronic device(20) retained on a socket connector (10) includes a clip (50) and afastener (60). The clip has an elongate spring portion (52) engaging asurface of the heat sink and two legs (54) extending from the springportion for engaging with catches (12) of the socket connector, therebysecuring the heat sink to the electronic device. The fastener includes apair of latches (62) and a resilient connecting section (66) connectedbetween the latches. Each latch has a protrusion (64) extending from adistal end thereof, each protrusion extending towards the oppositeprotrusion. The heat sink forms a plurality of fins (34) defining a slot(36) therebetween for receiving the clip and the fastener. The latches areconfigured to engage with grooves (38) defined in fins on opposite sidesof the slot of the heat sink, thereby securely attaching the clip to theheat sink and effectively eliminating relative movement between the clipand the heat sink.

Inventors: Lo; Wei-Ta (Miou-Li, TW)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013