Patent Number: 6,295,208

Title: Backplate for securing a circuit card to a computer chassis

Abstract: A backplate is provided having an elongated section with one or more tabsets. Each tab sets includes a first and second tab that extends from theelongated section. The first and second tabs are laterally spaced apartand longitudinally offset with respect to each other to define a slot forretaining a substrate such as a circuit card. The first tab may include atang that contacts a fastener hole of the substrate, and may include adistal contact surface for contacting a grounding plane on the substrate.The second tab may be curved, or may include a tang that contacts anotherfastener hole of the substrate.

Inventors: Murchison; Loren (Santa Clara, CA), Burbano; Carlos (Milpitas, CA), Reeve; Brian Geroge (San Jose, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013