Patent Number: 6,295,225

Title: Magnetic tunnel junction device having an intermediate layer

Abstract: A magnetic tunnel junction device has a multi-layer structure including a pair of electrode layers of a ferromagnetic material and a tunnel barrier layer of an insulating material between the electrode layers. In order to realize a low resistance, the multi-layer structure also includes an intermediate layer provided between the barrier layer and one of the electrode layers and including a conductive material having a work function with a value which is at least 25% lower than the value of the work function of the material of the respective electrode layer.

Inventors: Oepts; Wouter (Eindhoven, NL)

Assignee: U.S. Philips Corporation

International Classification: H01L 43/08 (20060101); G11C 011/14 ()

Expiration Date: 09/25/2018