Patent Number: 6,295,240

Title: Controlling a sense amplifier

Abstract: A semiconductor memory device arrangement that provides improvedsensitivity of a sense amplifier that reads data from a memory cell. Thissensitivity increase is accomplished by increasing a voltage differencebetween a data I/O line an a complementary data I/O line. A plurality ofmemory cells stor data. A data input/output (I/O) line pair (including adata I/O line and a complementary data I/O line), coupled to the memorycells, transfers the data. A sense amplifier senses and amplifies avoltage difference between the data I/O line and the complementary dataI/O line. A capacitor has a first of its terminals coupled to the data I/Oline. A first switching unit transfers the data applied to the data I/Oline pair to two terminals of the capacitor in response to a first controlsignal. A second switching unit couples the second terminal of thecapacitor to the data I/O line in response to a second control signal.

Inventors: Choi; Jin-Hyeok (Ichon-shi, KR)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013