Patent Number: 6,295,242

Title: SRAM with current-mode test read data path

Abstract: A current sensing, cascadable differential amplifier has a special biascircuit that provides a low impedance input and a high impedance output,whereby plural stages may be connected in cascade. Optionally, activecurrent sources are used as pull-ups for the data lines, to increase theoutput impedance and improve the data line common mode level. Theamplifier performs as a current sensing sense amplifier in a large scale,fast access semiconductor means and in this application, the memory doesnot need equalizing clock signals, nor is the access time slowedmaterially in the plural cascade stages.

Inventors: Shu; Lee-Lean (Cupertino, CA), Knorpp; Kurt (Redwood City, CA), Seno; Katsunori (Kanagawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013