Patent Number: 6,295,253

Title: Magnetooptical disk unit capable of recording or reproducing signals havingdifferent domain lengths under the same conditions, signal recordingmethod and signal reproducing method

Abstract: When recording a recorded signal consisting of "01011001110" in amagnetooptical recording medium, (1,1) corresponding to a domain of 2T isconverted to (1,0,1), and (0,0) is converted to (0,1,0) in the recordedsignal. In other words, the first "1" of (1,1) is converted to unit bits"1,0" and the first "0" of (0,0) is converted to unit bits "0,1".Similarly, the first "1" of (1,1,1) corresponding to a domain of 3T isconverted to unit bits "1,0", and the second "1" is converted to unit bits"1,0". "1" or "0" of the final unit bit is not converted but recorded assuch. Consequently, a signal can be correctly reproduced by extension allytransferring domains having different domain lengths from a recordinglayer to a reproducing layer under the same reproducing conditions.

Inventors: Mitani; Kenichiro (Anpachi-gun, JP), Takagi; Naoyuki (Fuwa-gun, JP), Noguchi; Hitoshi (Gifu, JP), Yamaguchi; Atsushi (Motosu-gun, JP), Ishida; Hiroki (Anpachi-gun, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013