Patent Number: 6,295,297

Title: Gateway for connecting ATM-based access network to existing network

Abstract: A gateway for connecting an existing public network to an asynchronoustransfer mode (ATM)-based access network is provided. The gateway includesan ATM network connector for performing signal processing to send orreceive a signal via a broadband ATM network and controlling the signalprocessing, an existing circuit network connector for processing a signalto send or receive the signal via an existing circuit network,reciprocally converting between the signal transmitted via the existingcircuit network and an ATM cell, and controlling the signal processing andthe conversion, a plurality of line terminations for sending or receivinga signal by connecting to a remote user, converting between the signalfrom the user and the ATM cell, and controlling the sending, reception andconversion, and a system bus for transmitting a signal between theplurality of line terminations and the ATM and existing circuit networkconnectors. Therefore, when a superspeed information communicationsnetwork is later established on the basis of ATM, the load applied to anATM network exchanger during connection of an ATM access network with theexisting circuit network is reduced, to aid high-speed informationcommunications.

Inventors: Lee; Hae-yeong (Kunpo, KR)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013