Patent Number: 6,295,309

Title: Vacuum arc remelting apparatus and process

Abstract: A VAR process is conducted in an apparatus characterized by a crucible wallthat provides a stable shelf anchor. The VAR apparatus includes a furnacechamber, a consumable electrode formed of a material to be remelted withinthe furnace chamber and a crucible within the furnace chamber. Thecrucible has a wall that forms a vessel to collect melt material from theconsumable electrode. At least part of the wall is textured to providearea for mechanical stabilization of the shelf as the underside of theshelf melts and the upperside of the shelf forms. In a vacuum arcremelting process, a consumable electrode is loaded into a furnace chamberabove a cooled crucible having a textured wall that forms a vessel tocollect melt material from the consumable electrode. The process includesstriking a direct electric current between the electrode and a bottom ofthe crucible to cause melting of material from a tip of the electrode.Melt material is collected from the tip in the crucible. The melt materialis cooled to form an ingot characterized by a shelf of solidified materialforming adjacent the textured section of the crucible wall in advance of alower boundary of solidifying material.

Inventors: Benz; Mark Gilbert (Burnt Hills, NY), Henry; Michael Francis (Niskayuna, NY), Carter, Jr.; William Thomas (Galway, NY), Bewlay; Bernard Patrick (Schenectady, NY)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013