Patent Number: 6,296,287

Title: Curved elongate member of closed sectional shape and method and apparatusfor fabricating the same

Abstract: Hollow closed-sectional elongate member is provided by bending a plasticstrip widthwise. The closed-sectional elongate member has a crimped jointsection provided on any one of its walls. The crimped joint section isformed by crimping together opposite longitudinal edge portions of thestrip as the strip is bent widthwise. The crimped joint section extendsalong the length of the closed-sectional elongate member and thusfunctions as a rib reinforcing the rigidity of the elongate member. Theclosed-sectional elongate member is also curved along its longitudinaldirection, to provide a closed-sectional curved elongate member.

Inventors: Kinbara; Kiichi (Wako, JP), Kato; Hiroyoshi (Osaka, JP), Nakata; Iwao (Osaka, JP), Imagawa; Yoshiaki (Ogaki, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013