Patent Number: 6,296,302

Title: Method of opening and closing an open roof construction of a vehicle havingan opening in the fixed roof; as well as such open roof construction

Abstract: With a method for opening and closing an open roof construction of avehicle having a roof opening (2) in its fixed roof (1), which comprisesat least three movably supported louvres (3, 3', 3") for selectivelyclosing or at least partially opening said roof opening, said louvres aremoved between their closed position, in which they abut in a substantiallyflat manner against each other, and their open position, in which they arepositioned close together, one behind the other, in an obliquely upwardlypivoted position. In order to open the roof from the front side or therear side, the louvre (3) present at the rear end, seen in the openingdirection, pivots upwards and slides to the open position first, and theadjacent louvres (3', 3") are successively opened by being operated by thepreceding louvre. The invention also comprises an open roof constructionfor use with such a method.

Inventors: Martinus Lenkens; Petrus Christiaan (Beugen, NL)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013