Patent Number: 6,296,324

Title: Brake fluid pressure generating device for a vehicle

Abstract: A brake fluid pressure generating device includes a master cylinder pistonslidably disposed in a cylinder body, a pressure chamber and a powerchamber formed in the cylinder body, a master cylinder that generates amaster cylinder fluid pressure in response to operation of a brake pedal,a supplemental fluid generator that generates a power fluid pressure, afluid regulator that regulates the power fluid pressure to a regulatorfluid pressure in response to operation of the brake pedal, a pressureincrease valve that controls communication between the supplemental fluidgenerator and the power chamber, and a pressure release valve thatcontrols communication between the power chamber and a reservoir tank. Avalve operating force generating member controls the pressure increasevalve and the pressure release valve, a first repulsion force generatingmember is controlled in response to the regulator fluid pressure and asecond repulsion force generating member is controlled in response to themaster cylinder fluid pressure. This invention generates a largermagnitude of regulator pressure under the condition that the mastercylinder is in a disabled condition.

Inventors: Nishii; Michiharu (Toyota, JP), Oishi; Masaki (Toyota, JP)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013