Patent Number: 6,296,343

Title: Edge enhancement depletion technique for over-sized ink drops to achievehigh resolution X/Y axes addressability in inkjet printing

Abstract: A swath printing system such as multi-color inkjet printing which usesslower resolution printheads of at least 300 dpi nozzle spacing to achievehigh resolution output of an least 600 dpi addressability in both the X(media advance) and Y (carriage scan) axes. Synchronized depletion masksfor area fills and edge enhancement is provided which is plot independentand prevents drop overlap. It is especially suited for multi-pass printmodes since each row has a balanced number of pixels, and there are norows which have no "on" pixels. The depletion includes separate depletionmasks and rules for edge enhancement as compared to area fills. Each colorplant is depleted separately, but subject to the same depletion rules andmasks. A separate depletion step provides for narrowing the vertical andhorizontal dimensions of the figure to be printed.

Inventors: Alfaro; Victor (Sant Cugat del Valles, ES)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013