Patent Number: 6,296,354

Title: Ink container with plural ink chambers emptied sequentially, and recording apparatus having the same

Abstract: An ink container includes at least one partition dividing the container into plural ink chambers connected in series through an ink path in each the partition; an air vent for communicating a first ink chamber with the atmosphere and an ink supply port for supplying ink from a second ink chamber; wherein the ink path in each the partition provides for an ink flow to the supply port that empties each the chamber in the series in turn as ink is supplied from the supply port; wherein the second ink chamber has a volume smaller than another ink chamber.

Inventors: Hashimoto; Kenichirou (Yokohama, JP)

Assignee: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

International Classification: B41J 2/175 (20060101); B41J 002/175 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018