Patent Number: 6,296,357

Title: Clamping device for spectacle lenses

Abstract: A device (10) for clamping a lens (11) to a spectacle frame (12) comprisesa bridge (16), which is rotatable about a pin (19) fixed to the body ofthe frontal frame or to the nose pad carrying element of the spectacle,said bridge being provided with two opposite ends relative to said pin, ofwhich: a first end (27) is provided with a thread suitable for cooperatingwith a screw (26) which is suitable for causing the rotation movement ofthe bridge about said pin; and the second end (28) directly cooperateswith the lens, by exerting a force on the surface of said lens, said forcekeeping the lens pressed against a conjugate element (22, 24) which ispresent on the body of the frontal frame and/or of the nose pad carryingelement.

Inventors: Bof; Livio (Segusino, IT)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013