Patent Number: 6,296,363

Title: Mirror mounting assembly for hair grooming and styling

Abstract: An improved mirror mounting assembly is designed for use with an existingmirror to enable viewing front, back, top and sides, of user's head duringhair grooming and styling. The mirror assembly contains a mirror panelwhich is adjusable relative to existing mirror. The viewer sees twoimages: the normal frontal image of the back of viewer's head andshoulders. The mirror panel rotates to a protected position to preventdamage to panel and supporting structure when assembly is mounted on adoor and door is opened against adjacent wall. Door mounting requires notools. A modified support bracket permits securing assembly to a wallopposed to existing mirror. The mirror mounting assembly is convenient,protected, self-storing, safe and non-complex and enables user to readilyview the front, back, top and sides of his or her head for hair groomingand styling.

Inventors: Chabot; J. Roland (Thousand Oaks Ventura County, CA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013