Patent Number: 6,296,364

Title: Lighted bead necklace

Abstract: A light-emitting beaded necklace for ornamental decoration having aplurality of ornamental beads that each define opposed slots for receivingthe beads on an elongate thread. At least one light source is enclosedwithin one of the beads. The elongate thread extends through the opposedslots of the beads in sequence and distal ends connect together to definea looped article of wearing apparel. The necklace has pendent with acircuit for generating an electrical signal for illuminating the lightsource to provide a lighted ornamental effect for the beaded necklace. Amethod of assembling a light-emitting beaded necklace is disclosed.

Inventors: Day; David W. (Houston, TX), Relf; Jeffery T. (Kingwood, TX), Jackson; Leslie (New Orleans, LA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013