Patent Number: 6,296,371

Title: Flashlight with tail cap switch assembly

Abstract: A flashlight includes a conductive barrel, a tubular tail cap member, and atail cap switch assembly. The barrel has a threaded rear end portion witha contact end face. The tail cap member is sleeved threadedly on the rearend portion, and has an open rear portion formed with a radial inwardannular flange that is spaced apart from the contact end face. The switchassembly includes a push button cap made from an insulator material andhaving a contact support portion disposed in the tail cap member betweenthe annular flange and the contact end face. A cap engaging portionextends rearwardly from the contact support portion and through theannular flange, and is in sliding engagement with the annular flange. Aconductive contact member is disposed on the contact support portion. Anoperating portion is formed on a rear end of the cap engaging portion, andis operable from the open rear portion so as to move the push button capto move the contact member to contact the contact end face.

Inventors: Shiau; Wen-Chin (Tao-Yuan Hsien, TW)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013