Patent Number: 6,296,386

Title: Cassette for producing images for a radiography apparatus

Abstract: Cassette device for producing images, for a radiography apparatus of thetype comprising a means for receiving mobile cassettes. The cassettecomprises a casing of substantially parallelepipedal shape surrounding ameans for producing images. The device comprises a means which forms ahandle and is arranged on a small face of the casing The means which formsa handle is provided with a stop surface for insertion of the cassetteinto the reception means of the radiography apparatus.

Inventors: Heidsieck; Robert (Rocquencourt, FR), Saladin; Jean-Pierre (Bagneux, FR), Raymond; Alain Marie (Claimart, FR), Picard; Catherine (Boulogne, FR), Baudet; Jean Louis (Paris, FR)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013