Patent Number: 6,296,395

Title: Self-aligning roller bearing

Abstract: A self-aligning roller bearing includes an external ring with one curvedexternal track, an internal ring with two curved internal tracks, two rowsof rollers disposed between the external and internal rings, and a guidering. The guide ring is located between the rows of rollers and ispreferably configured as an circular annular disk. The guide ring has arectangular cross section with the center line of the cross sectionrunning parallel to the bearing axis. The guide ring may also bedimensioned in such a way that the rollers are axially prestressed. Thefront faces of the rollers which face the guide ring are configured in amanner that the front faces only touch the guide ring at one point.

Inventors: Brand; Armin (Kissing, DE), Ganss; Werner (Schweinfurt, DE), Grehn; Martin (Dittelbrunn, DE), Weigand; Michael (Elfershausen, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013