Patent Number: 6,296,403

Title: Dual-mode printer for flexible and rigid substrates

Abstract: A dual-mode printer for printing on both flexible and rigid substratesincludes a table providing a substantially planar support surface forsupporting a substrate. A flexible-substrate feed system is configured tofeed a flexible substrate in a given feed direction across the supportsurface. The printer has a print head configured for depositing a printingmedium on a substrate as part of a printing process. A motion system isconfigured to generate relative displacement between the print head andthe support surface in at least a first direction parallel to the feeddirection. This combination of components allows the printer to be used ina flexible-substrate mode in which relative displacement between thesubstrate and the print head is generated at least in part by theflexible-substrate feed system and in a rigid-substrate mode in whichrelative displacement between the substrate and the print head isgenerated exclusively by the motion system.

Inventors: Duchovne; Yoram (Shearey Tikva, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013