Patent Number: 6,296,407

Title: Stackable low profile printer with an input and output media telescopingtray cassette

Abstract: The present invention provides a low profile stackable Internet applianceprinter for use with a television receiver and monitor and responsive tocommands from a remote device for printing user desired information. Theprinter has a box like rectangular shaped housing conforming in size tothat of conventional electronic audio video components such as cableboxes, DVD players, amplifiers, video tapes and the like to facilitate thestacking of the printer with such other components. A base member havingdefines an interior cavity for receiving a removable combinationinput/output tray cassette and supports from below a low profile printbarincluding its feed motor, drive motor, associated electronic drivers forcontrolling the firing of low profile printheads, carriage movement andthe moving of paper to print user desired images. The combinationinput/output tray cassette includes a release to allow the completeremoval of the cassette for resupplying an input tray portion thereof witha new supply of paper and for providing a user with access to the interiorof the printer to facilitate the removal of any paper jams. A useractuated paper size adjuster permits the input tray portion of thecassette unit to accommodate at least two different sizes of paper andcouples a repositioning mechanism to an leading edge kick out feature tofacilitate the ejection of sheets of paper in accordance with the papersize selection made by the user.

Inventors: McKay; Kerry N. (San Diego, CA), Yamamoto; Junji (San Diego, CA), Osmus; James M (Escondido, CA), Zepeda; Caroline (San Diego, CA), Chiu; Andrew (Kowloon, HK)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013