Patent Number: 6,296,423

Title: Article handling apparatus

Abstract: An apparatus for batching articles from a continuous stream of articles hasa conduit comprising an entry duct (2) in which the articles areaccelerated by suction. The suction air is drawn from the exit end of theduct, close to a pair of counter-rotating sealing rollers (20) which haveresiliently yielding peripheral faces between which the articles pass. Atthe exit end of the conduit a pair of closure members (24) on oppositesides of the conduit are rotatable in steps in order to collectthe articles in batches. The closure members counter-rotate so that ineach step they move in the general direction of movement of the articles.In this way it is possible to batch relatively delicate articles at highrates of throughflow.

Inventors: Cahill; Michael John (Coventry, GB), Martin; Simon Charles (Coventry, GB), Stembridge; James Robert (Coventry, GB)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013