Patent Number: 6,296,438

Title: Device for the regulation of the pumping capacity of vertical-axiscentrifugal pumps

Abstract: The present invention relates to a device for regulating the pumpingcapacity of constant-speed vertical-axis centrifuge pumps having anadmission cross section with a weir, a suction orifice of a pump submergedin a reservoir that is open on top, an impeller axis, and a fluid inletopening that emerges tangentially in the direction of the impellerrotation. The fluid inlet opening forms an opening in the weir and islocated below the upper edge of the weir. The lower portion of acylindrical reservoir wall is provided so that a rotational flow can becreated in the reservoir. In the portion of the admission cross sectionthat lies above the weir, and on the side of the fluid inlet opening thatlies below the weir, there is a deflector plate, so that the fluid isdeflected around the pump axis in the direction of rotation opposite tothe above-mentioned rotational flow in the reservoir.

Inventors: Stahle; Frank (Neunkirch, CH)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013