Patent Number: 6,296,447

Title: Gas turbine component having location-dependent protective coatings thereon

Abstract: A gas turbine component includes a platform having a first coating on atleast a portion thereof, where the first coating is a diffusion aluminidecoating. An airfoil extends from the platform and has an external surfaceand an internal surface defining cooling passages therethrough. Theairfoil has an airfoil shape made of a substrate alloy, a second coatingon the external surface of the airfoil shape, the second coatingcomprising an overlay coating, and a third coating on the internal surfaceof the airfoil shape, the third coating comprising a diffusion aluminidecoating different in composition from the second coating.

Inventors: Rigney; Joseph D. (Milford, OH), Nagaraj; Bangalore A. (West Chester, OH), Pfaendtner; Jeffrey A. (Blue Ash, OH)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013