Patent Number: 6,296,466

Title: Apparatus for forming an article

Abstract: An apparatus and method for semi-automatically forming a sheet into anarticle, such as a flower pot cover, is provided. The apparatus includes amale die, a female die, a presence sensing assembly, and a controlassembly. The presence sensing assembly is positioned for sensing thepresence of an operator in a sheet feeding zone which is located betweenan operator's station and a zone of operation of the male die and thefemale die. The control assembly initiates an article forming sequence,wherein the male die and the female die are moved from a dischargeposition to a forming position to form the article from the sheet ofmaterial and subsequently returned to the discharge position, in responseto the operator clearing the presence sensing assembly subsequent to theoperator breaking the presence sensing assembly while positioning a sheetof material between the male die and the female die.

Inventors: Weder; Donald E. (Highland, IL), Craig; Frank (Valley Park, MO), King; Michael J. (Highland, IL)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013