Patent Number: 6,296,467

Title: Vibrating screed for surfacing concrete

Abstract: A vibrating screed for surfacing concrete comprises a surfacing blade, a pair of handle assemblies mounted to said blade, a motor, vibration causing mechanism and a transmission connecting the motor to the vibration causing mechanism such that, when the motor is in operation it causes the transmission to rotate with the transmission being adapted to impart a vibratory motion to the blade. The transmission includes a flexible joint having an angled configuration to allow the motor to be mounted rearwardly of a leading edge of the blade. Each handle assembly comprises a main elongated tubular member and a handle mounted at a proximal end thereof. The handle includes a first tubular element mounted around the main tubular member, a second tubular element extending sideways from the first element and a third tubular element extending around the second element, with a grip member being mounted to the third element. The first element is capable of relative rotatable and translational displacement with respect to the main tubular member, and the third element and grip member are capable of rotational displacement relative to the second element. Clamps are provided for securing the first and third tubular elements in selected positions relative to the main tubular member and to the second tubular element, respectively.

Inventors: Rouillard; Roger (Charlesbourg, CA)

Assignee: Les Betons Roger Rouillard Inc.

International Classification: E01C 19/22 (20060101); E01C 19/40 (20060101); E01C 019/22 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018