Patent Number: 6,296,474

Title: Burner-log element

Abstract: A log-burner apparatus is for simulating a burning log or piece of wood wherein at least a portion of the burner aperture of the burner is not defined by and does not extend through the artificial log material. As such, any adverse effect of the artificial log material on the efficiency of the burner is reduced. Additionally, the burner apparatus provides for durability of the burner while still providing a realistic simulation of flame coming from a log. In one embodiment, a gas burner apparatus including a gas burner structure with an outer surface including a portion with at least one burner aperture therein. The apparatus further includes an artificial log having an outer surface, and the artificial log is disposed at least partially around the gas burner structure. At least a portion of the outer surface of the burner structure including the burner aperture is exposed adjacent the outer surface of the artificial log. In another aspect, a method of making a gas burner apparatus. The method includes the step of providing a burner structure including an outer surface. The outer surface includes a burner portion having at least one burner aperture therein, and a second portion adjacent the burner portion. The method also includes the step of forming an artificial log at least partially around the burner structure such that the burner surface portion is exposed, and at least some of the second portion is in communication with the artificial log.

Inventors: Butler; Gary Lee (Silver Lake, MN), Lyons; David Charles (Red Wing, MN), Bennett; Robb Edward (Prior Lake, MN)

Assignee: Hon Technology Inc.

International Classification: F24C 3/00 (20060101); F23D 014/46 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018