Patent Number: 6,296,486

Title: Missile firing simulator with the gunner immersed in a virtual space

Abstract: A simulator for simulating the firing of weapons the simulator including afiring station, and a missile weapon simulator. The missile weaponsimulator able to simulate imaginary firings, an image display device, animage processing device, and an instructor station. The instructor stationincludes a video screen associated with a decision device by which aninstructor chooses a virtual scenario relating to a firing field, the typeof the missile and firing conditions. The image display device displaysvirtual images in actual size representing a field of vision of a firer inthe virtual scenario chosen by the instructor, a micromonitor placed uponthe missile weapon simulator displays the same images as those of thedisplay device. The image processing device generates images within theinstructor station, the images displayed on the micromonitor, and theimages displayed on the display device.

Inventors: Cardaillac; Emmanuel (St Georges sur Moulon, FR), Weber; Laetitia (Lazenay, FR)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013