Patent Number: 6,296,488

Title: Diet method and apparatus

Abstract: The present invention comprises a diet method which is designed to providethe user with a balanced diet while restricting the caloric intake bycontrolling the portion size in a simple and convenient manner. The methodemploys an apparatus which is preferably in the shape of a platecomprising a plurality of compartments which are designed to enclose aspecified volume of food. The apparatus is used with associated meal cardshaving a variety of foods listed thereon. The foods are listed in specificsections on the card which correspond to the compartments of theapparatus. The meal cards are positioned such that the food list for aparticular compartment fits in the shape of the compartment such that theuser can see the selectable food items which may be used to fill thecorresponding compartment. The user is provided with a simple method inwhich they do not have to weigh or measure the food amount, no calculatingor recording is required, and decks of individual food items do not needto be bothered with.

Inventors: Brenkus; Jaime (Willoughby Hills, OH), Gorman; Kim (Fairlawn, OH)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013