Patent Number: 6,297,474

Title: Heating apparatus for a welding operation and method therefor

Abstract: A heating apparatus and method for pre-weld heat treating, welding andpost-weld heat treating a superalloy article in a single enclosure whileavoiding oxidation of the article. The enclosure is preferably equippedwith a one-way valve that permits the escape of gases, but otherwise sealsthe enclosure to prevent the ingress of air during welding and heattreatment as a result of thermal gradients induced when the article isinductively heated. To provide access to the article and a device used toweld the article, the enclosure is equipped with gloves by which thewelding device and the article can be manipulated while a nonreactiveatmosphere is fully maintained within the enclosure and the article isinductively heating.

Inventors: Kelly; Thomas J. (Cincinnati, OH), Alexander; Keith B. (Cincinnati, OH), Hensley; Rabon (Erlanger, KY), Lawrence; Robert D. (Hamersville, OH), Snyder; John H. (Fairfield, OH)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013