Patent Number: 6,297,505

Title: Method and flow system for spectrometry and a cuvette for the flow system

Abstract: The present invention relates to an on-line method and a flow system aswell as a cuvette for carrying out IR spectrometry for analysis of liquidfood products, possibly containing dissolved gases, in a process line in aliquid food product processing plant, especially a dairy processing milkand milk products. A liquid sample is extracted from the process line to ameasuring branch, the sample is thermostated and passed to a measurementcuvette. The IR-absorbance spectrum is measured, e.g. in the MID-IR orNIR-range. In order to obtain an on-line monitoring of the process linethe liquid food sample is extracted directly from the process line intothe measurement branch, in which the pressure is maintaining at least ashigh as in the adjacent process line. The high pressure ensures thatdissolved air will stay dissolved in the liquid food. Before each newsample the measurement branch and cuvette are flushed by high flow rateswith a part of the new sample to clean the cuvette. The measurementcuvette has strong windows, preferably diamond windows to stand a highpressure and high flow rates. The on-line system is arranged to carry outeg. 120 measurements per hour.

Inventors: Frandsen; Andreas butted.rlund (Slangerup, DK), Pedersen; S.o Christian (Hiller.o slashed.d, DK), Ridder; Carsten (Br.o slashed.nsh.o slashed.j, DK), Thomsen; Henrik (Hiller.o slashed.d, DK)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013