Patent Number: 6,297,507

Title: Sealed tube neutron generator incorporating an internal associated-ALP

Abstract: A sealed tube neutron generator (.alpha.-STNG) incorporates an internalassociated-.alpha. detector for well logging. The .alpha.-STNG comprises agas-tight envelope, a Penning ion source, a gas supply, an acceleratingelectrode and a target as those in conventional STNG; and furthercomprises a special target chamber, an ion leading out and focusingassembly, an annular associated -.alpha. particle detector mounted in thetarget chamber, a gas absorber, and a collimator for .alpha.-particles.The .alpha.-STNG can be employed within a nuclear Carbon/Oxygen WellLogging Apparatus which adopts the Associated Particle and Time of FlightApproach for collecting data to satisfy the special requirements of welllogging, to expel the adverse effect resulted from cased hole materialsand thermal neutrons capture for increasing the precision of carbon/oxygenratio logged. When the carbon window is 3.17 to 4.65 Mev and the oxygenwindow is 4.68 to 6.43 Mev, the difference between the C/O values loggedon calibration oil well and calibration water well, respectively, is morethan 0.35.

Inventors: Chen; Zhenpeng (Beijing, CN), Xu; Sida (Beijing, CN), Zhu; Shengjiang (Beijing, CN), Zhao; Jinglan (Beijing, CN), Deng; Jingkang (Beijing, CN), Zhu; Webin (Beijing, CN), Sun; Yeying (Beijing, CN), Qu; Xiancai (Heilongjiang, CN), Li; Huazhang (Heilongjiang, CN)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013