Patent Number: 6,297,539

Title: Doped zirconia, or zirconia-like, dielectric film transistor structure anddeposition method for same

Abstract: A high-k dielectric films is provided, which is doped with divalent ortrivalent metals to vary the electron affinity, and consequently theelectron and hole barrier height. The high-k dielectric film is a metaloxide of either zirconium (Zr) or hafnium (Hf), doped with a divalentmetal, such as calcium (Ca) or strontium (Sr), or a trivalent metal, suchas aluminum (Al), scandium (Sc), lanthanum (La), or yttrium (Y). Byselecting either a divalent or trivalent doping metal, the electronaffinity of the dielectric material can be controlled, while alsoproviding a higher dielectric constant material then silicon dioxide.Preferably, the dielectric material will also be amorphous to reduceleakage caused by grain boundaries. Also provided are sputtering, CVD,Atomic Layer CVD, and evaporation deposition methods for theabove-mentioned, doped high dielectric films.

Inventors: Ma; Yanjun (Vancouver, WA), Ono; Yoshi (Camas, WA)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013