Patent Number: 6,297,564

Title: Electronic devices employing adhesive interconnections including platedparticles

Abstract: Electronic devices formed by bonding and interconnecting one or moreelectronic components to an electronic circuit substrate employspecialized adhesives comprising gold-plated, platinum-plated and/orpalladium-plated particles in a polymeric adhesive system which mayinclude thermoplastic or thermosetting resins. These plated particlesbeneficially provide electrical conductivity through the polymericadhesive for electrically interconnecting contact pads on the electroniccomponents with contact pads on the electronic circuit substrate andprovide resistance to migration of metal, thereby enabling interconnectionand bonding at very fine pitch and spacing. Polymers with substantialflexibility and a low glass transition temperature are preferred over morerigid resins. Particles having a morphology and shapes that include higheraspect ratios are preferred because lesser volume fraction loading isneeded to establish good electrical conductivity through the polymericadhesive. A combination of high aspect ratio plated particles andspherical particles may be employed to enhance the thermal conductivity ofthe polymeric adhesive without substantially increasing the overall costof the conductive polymer adhesive system. Electronic devices employingthe invention include such applications as semiconductor die attachment,flip-chip device interconnection, electronic component attachment,electronic substrate attachment to printed wiring boards, jumperinterconnection, and the like.

Inventors: Chung; Kevin Kwong-Tai (Princeton Township, NJ)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013