Patent Number: 6,297,570

Title: Electric linear motor, in particular the design of the primary part and amethod of manufacturing the primary part

Abstract: A primary part of a linear motor has a terminal compartment at the end ofthe linear motor for connecting motor windings to feeder cables, with thewalls of the terminal compartment being formed from an electric castingcompound, and terminal elements being embedded in the casting compound ofthe terminal compartment, where the terminal elements can be connected tofeeder cables. Dividing webs which are also made of the casting compoundmay extend between the terminal elements in the terminal compartment. Tomanufacture the primary part, a die having a complementary shape to theterminal compartment to be formed is introduced into a housing beforecasting and the terminal elements are attached to the die before casting.After casting and curing of the casting compound, the die is removed. Theresulting terminal compartment can be closed by a cover through which thefeeder cables pass and which functions as a cable grip for the feedercables.

Inventors: Matscheko; Gerhard (Starnberg, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013