Patent Number: 6,297,571

Title: Electrical machine with a stator, and a claw pole rotor system composed oftwo pole wheel halves

Abstract: An electrical machine formed as a fluid-cooled three-phase alternatingcurrent generator has a cup-shaped housing, a stator arranged in thehousing, a drive system, a shaft driven by the drive system, a claw polerotor system mounted on the shaft, the claw pole rotor system including afirst pole ring which is mounted on the shaft, formed as a pole wheel halfand runs in claws, and a second pole ring which is formed as a pole wheelhalf and runs also in claws, so that tips of the claws of one of the polerings extend in gaps between the claws of the other pole ring, pole ringsproducing a cooling air stream in the housing for withdrawing heat whichis generated in the machine by convection through an outer casing of thehousing to fluid medium which surrounds the housing, a plurality ofsubstantially radially extending blower vanes formed on substantially flatend side of a respective one of the pole rings which is located at a sideopposite to the drive system, and a ring chamber closing the blower vanesin an axial direction and formed as a part of a housing bottom.

Inventors: Knappenberger; Uwe (Muehlacker, DE)


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Expiration Date: 10/02/2013