Patent Number: 6,297,609

Title: Obstruction detecting method for the use in power window apparatus, and power window apparatus

Abstract: An pinching detecting method for use in a power window apparatus, capable of preventing a malfunction even if a normal pulse edge interval is unobtainable, and of preventing a force exceeding a reference value from acting on an object pinched into a window. The power window apparatus is made up of a window opening and closing motor, a motor driving section, a pulse generator, a micro control unit and a switch device, and a timer is incorporated into the micro control unit. The micro control unit obtains a corresponding pinching decision time from a reference value at that time whenever a pulse edge of pulses outputted from the pulse generator arrives at the micro control unit and updates a set time of the timer. If one pulse edge arrives but the next pulse edge does not arrive after the elapse of the pinching decision time, the micro control unit ceases a decision on the occurrence/no occurrence of the pinching in the window and stops the drive of the motor or drives the motor in the reverse direction. The calculation of the pinching decision time is made on the basis of k1 and k2 tables stored in a memory of the micro control unit.

Inventors: Takahashi; Jun (Miyagi-ken, JP), Sasaki; Akira (Miyagi-ken, JP)

Assignee: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

International Classification: H02H 7/085 (20060101); H02P 007/00 ()

Expiration Date: 10/02/2018